im nto sure if these are in the right place but:

im redesigning the headstock of my strat.
takee off old strings
i am going to sand off the logo.
draw/paint on my own design onto the headstock
fully clean guitar
put on new strings.

so my questions:
does anyone have a headstock template?
wat sandpaper should i use to rub off the logo, but not make it look too uneven?
what should i use to put my design on it? will i be able to sand down again if i make a mistake?
does anyone know the link to the guidfe on how to fully clean your guitar incl. neck and frets? i saw it once somewhere now i have lost it.

thanks, your friend, the nooblet.
The headstock is covered in a transparent finish. The logo is usually a sticker. If you do sand it, you'll have to sand the entire flat front of the headstock so that it'll be even when you cover it again.

The design can be put on any way you like. The cheapest way is to draw it in pencil and go over it in permanent marker, then spray over it (masking off the other sides of the headstock beforehand)

there are good tutorials on everything here, including headstock logos