so i got a new laptop and whilst surfing the web i was told that i had to down load some activeX 2.0 thingy, i did. safe in the knowledge that my valid 30-day trial of norton security whatever would protect me.

then a pop-up comes up saying i have a trojan virus () there was a load of details and a 'do you want to download approved anti-whatever software?' i catiously clicked ok, figuring i would check the site out before i did anything.

i'm now running a full norton scan which has found and dealt with one tracking cookie. and i also got some wierd 'security toolbar 7.1' telling me my security level is 4/10. methinks scam. theres a thing in 'add/remove programs' called 'internet security bar' should i uninstall this? i was going to but thought it might be important.

any help?

cheers, UG

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Download AVG. Its free and i haven't caught one virus with it on my new laptop. All i use is AVG and the Windows Vista defender as a firewall and i've had no problems.
tracking cookies are generally harmless, they dont really do anything, but to be on the safe side get rid of it. as for the security toolbar, did you actually download it? if not uninstall, if you did then leave it.
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Norton is your problem, it sucks.

Download AVG Free or Trend Micro.

And download Spybot Search & Destroy and AVG Anti Spyware while you're at it. They get rid of malicious Spyware.
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im currently using AVG with the windows firewall...norton ran out few months ago..CBA to buy it.
i might download a anti spyware program since AVG dosent protect against that, anyone recommend a good free one?