I just got Star wars Battlefront 2 on pc cos i got it when it came out on ps2, so anyway it came today and its absalutely ****e on pc. And i really want a good online shooting game with good graphics, recomendations?
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ye battlefield 2 rocks
but call of duty is always nice to

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battlefield 2
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Thanks, douche.

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Half life 1/2
(one is better, but 2 is nicer..lol)

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counter-strike duh

Yeah my mates have that but i dont know how good the graphics are
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Unreal Tournament obvs

zomg I love that game. Battlefield does own though.
CS because i r teh azn

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Unreal Tournament obvs

That too... that game kicks some major ass
Half Life 2 Deathmatch, Unreal Tournament 2k4, Counter Strike Source, Battlefield 2 or 2142.
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the newest counter strike thing has really good graphics accrding to my friend...
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Yeah my mates have that but i dont know how good the graphics are

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Any of the Battlefield games are excellent.
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Why has TS Scourge in his avatar?

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battlefield 2


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