I have their split with secondsmile, they sound really like thisfamiliarsmile if you know them, kind of minus the bear-ish with a bit of post hardcore but i luvem. Apparently theyre great live too.
Aw...I was gonna post these guys, been listening to them non stop the past few days, can't wait for the new cd
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I'm writing with great regret to inform everyone that Meet Me in St. Louis has reached its end. This is due to a loss of another member (Paul) and the agreement that the band would not be the same if that member were replaced. It came as a shock to the rest of us as our plans for the next few months were extremely positive after such a bumpy ride at the end of 2007. When Toby left, we all felt pretty low but we got through it becuase we knew that the music would be written by the same 4 people and essentially be the same. Although he had input musically it was minimal and was mainly focused on vocal melodies and lyrics. We were able to carry on with confidence and either get a new singer or continue instrumentally. Unfortunately the same could not be said in this instance.
I cannot tell you precisely what the reasons for Pauls decision are. I think it was a snowball effect of events over the past 3 years that made being in a band extremely hard to deal with and eventually became too much.
So that's it. On a positive note, I personally have had the most exciting 3 years of my life. I think that we'd all agree on how proud we are to have been able to create music with each other and perform it to so many people. Writing and playing shows, whether it be to 20 people or 200, was what we lived for. It was what we were, for 3 years. At times it was ****ing gruelling but overall, incredible.
It wouldn't have been possible without the help and encouragement of so many people: Our family and friends, fans (a lot of whom have become friends!), BSM and Xtra Mile, promoters, every band we've ever played with, everyone who's put us up for the night or more, anyone who's given us a review, anyone who's ever taken pictures for us, every sound man that let us play really really loud, even those who didn't i guess... Without these people we wouldn't have an album and playing live would have been really ****ing dull.
Although the band has come to an end, i'm pretty sure we'll never stop playing music and hopefully other projects will be as exciting if not more.

So once again huge thankyou's and many apologies to everyone.

The end.

Oli and MMISL

x x x

The lead singers voice really annoyed me, but I did like some of their guitar work.
Quote by InstantAXonHero
The lead singers voice really annoyed me, but I did like some of their guitar work.

I used to hate but I love is now, it adds a really cool layer of melody of the guitars to complete the package.

I wish I'd have seen them live.