Are there any recording interfaces that will work if I'm running a Windows 98? I am also looking for something in the $100-$200 range. I know could probably get something used, but I want something new. Right now, all I have is a tape recorder. From like, yeah, the early 90's. Ugh!

So everyone post please.

Cubase SX 2
Nuendo (old Versions)
Sonic Acid Pro <- cheap and kinda good
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
Wait a sec... All I need to record is the interface and the software, right?

Couldn't I just buy a cheap interface and use audacity?

or do I need monitors and all that s*** too?
why the hell are you still on 98, thats a 10 year old system, your computer should have packed it in ages ago, get a semi-new computer they cost feck all these days man, itll save you money in the long run
Get an extra hard drive... for recording only!

Then you can tell everyone you'll better than me, and I'll admit it too.

I must get myself a new hard drive...
I say buy a new second hand computer...I just bought one off ebay for $25 plus $25 for shipping.

Its a Dell pentium III
256 MB RAM

My old computer was running on windows 2000 however I needed XP to install my m audio fast track software/drivers.

In fact I just got the computer today...works fine so far.

There are good deals out there...just have to find them.
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