Seems a lot of people do Paranoid covers on here, so I thought I might give it a stab myself.

I recorded the vocal line on guitar as well as I don't have a mic and I had to improvise the last bit of the solo because I didn't learn it


Songs on my profile.

I played everything on it apart from the drums.
Funny words.
Nice job man.

The rhythm guitar seemed really solid and kept the song chugging along. The 'vocal guitar' was cool and helped me keep interest in the song.

The downside to the song was the bends in the solo...something yeh gotta work on is bending up to the correct note...it sounds like you are almost there though so keep it up

Once again, awesome job overall

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I love the rythm tone , sounds almost just like Iommis.

Yeah , work on the bends man. Otherwise its a pretty cool cover but ome improvising on the solo would be nice .