Sorry for the long title but I haven't come up with a good name for the sound I am going for.

I'm currently residing in Texas, and I'm fairly open to working with others online, I would like to perform live in a year or so, so the closer to the D/FW Metroplex the better

So, here we go, my dream band:

Basically I'd like to combine my favorite types of music all into one, making a seamless "mix" of several songs together for any given show or album.

What are these types of music?

Well I will list lots of influences below, but the sound I'm going for could be broken down as a combination of the following bands:

The New Deal - Zeromancer - Nine Inch Nails - In Flames - Freeland - Hybrid - )EIB(

Google em if you haven't heard, but that basically amounts to Experimental/Progressive Electronic-Industrial-Metal-Rock-Trance-Breakbeat-DrumNBass.

A little about me:
I am 25 years old, living in Flower Mound, TX (near D/FW airport).
I've been involved in music and computers for the majority of my life.
I aim to play bass and do lead and/or backup vocals for this project on top of all production and programming. I played bass for 4 years when I was younger, I just picked it back up about 3 months ago, but I am serious about it and play 6+ hours a day almost every day.
I have 9 years of experience as a DJ, 11 years producing electronic music as well (mostly software based but I can make any hardware work with me).
I have the know-how to get the sounds I want, what I really lack is others to work on this project with me.
I envision this eventually being a sort of electronic "orchestra", I'd like to get as many live instruments as possible whenever possible.

Here's what I am really looking for at the moment:

A Human Drum-machine (drummer)
Rhythym & Lead guitarists
Female vocalist
another male vocalist

I'd also like to have at some point:
Violin/Cello/Viola player, some sort of stringed instrument played with a bow.
An accomplished pianist/keyboard player
Saxophone or possibly trumpet/trombone player

It's hard to get across the idea of the sound I'm going for to some people but I would say the closest thing I know of would be The New Deal, but with a heavier sound, vocals (singing & screaming/growling), and more breakbeats.

Honestly I have trouble finding people that would even be down for doing just an industrial or electronic metal group, seems everyone wants to be emo or punk these days. So I am open to people of all ages and skill levels as long as they are willing to devote the time and commit to getting things accomplished.

I posted this on multiple forums so email is the best way to get back to me.
Anyone interested or that has any questions can email me @ chillbeast@gmail.com

Here's some of my influences:

(Bands that sound something like what I am going for or have alot of elements that I want to include in my project)

Zeromancer, Nine Inch Nails, The New Deal, Professional Murder Music, God Lives Underwater, Gravity Kills, PiG, KMFDM, In Flames, Slayer, Freeland, Grayarea, She Wants Revenge, Kidneythieves, Manson, Rob Zombie, Pendulum, )EIB(, Bloodhound Gang, Prick, Orgy, Stabbing Westward, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Autechre, Orbital, Portishead, Morcheeba, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Christopher Lawrence, Luke Chable, NuBreed

(Other bands I enjoy but aren't as close to what I'm going for)

Pink Floyd, David Bowie, DMB, Muse, Foo Fighters, Boy Sets Fire... there's a ton more but I can't think of anymore at the moment.... suffice to say I appreciate music of all kinds and would like to touch on nearly every genre in some form or fashion.

Also if anyone knows of any other bands that are doing anything similar to this ( i've heard the term "livetronica" coined before in reference to The New Deal) I'd love to hear about em.

Thanks for your time!
Good luck I'd form a band with you if you lived in America! Sounds sweet!

Find a band called Ayreon by a guy called Arjen Lucassen. It's not a band as such, but his solo project with a bunch of amazing guest singers and instrumentalists. His music is mega diverse, and mixes most of the styles you like (experimental, progressive, metal, rock, electronica/trance kinda stuff throughout aswell). Go to Wikipedia and type in Ayreon, you won't be dissapointed if you buy one of his records.
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Bumping this old thread... in addition I'm going on 8-9 months on bass now... most of the other info is the same.. I have found a guitarist and drummer to jam with but they aren't necessarily in on this idea yet so yea....anyone interested hit me up
If i lived in the same country as you, id definately try to get in touch. Your aspirations seem really unique and cool. If you make it work, it could be huge. Good luck anyway!
BUMP, still looking for peeps in the DFW area who want to jam and/or work on this idea. I'm also open to joining an already established band that fits anywhere in my musical influences(basically any genre is cool as long as you are open minded to experimentation.
Sounds cool.
Just the kind of thing I'd love to go for if I lived nearby.

Good luck.
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hey if your up for working online then i would be willing to play guitar parts for you. im shred head and will play basically wot is written or i write. i live in the UK but yeah if your up for over the net stuff it sounds like it might be fun. i am heavily into experimetal and progressive music and one of my gods is steve vai, ha so i can make suitably weird noises on my guitar which might help get the sound your are looking for. if i am to record though, you may hav to point me in the right dorection equipment and software wise because im no computer genius hahaha. if u are serious about this pm me and i'll give you my email. cheers
Just an update on my situation here. I've gotten a few replies lately, unfortunately I have to put this project on hold for a bit because in probably 3-4 months I will be relocating to the Destin, FL area. To anyone who has replied to this ad from DFW, sorry but I don't plan on being here long enough to get much done and don't want to waste anyone's time by bringing them in and then moving away shortly after.

However, if there is anyone in Destin,FWB, Pensacola area that would be interested in working on this in a few months, give me a heads up.

In the meantime I've been teaching myself drums as well so here soon I'll be playing everything myself and just adding people as they come
Meh, still looking for others... I have a potential female vocalist(actually, pretty sure she will work with me, just a matter of needing others to collaborate with as well and she is trying to get a job up here first)

So yea, just wanted to bump this back up, anyone interested in doing something along the lines of industrial rock/cyber metal/electro punk with lots of genre bending and a heavy electronic influence, hit me up here or @ chillbeast@gmail.com

I've got some songs I have been working on up @ myspace.com/evernothing
Nothing there is complete, but it should give you an idea of where the music is going...

I'm currently in carrollton, TX, which is just north of dallas, but I am probably moving this weekend closer to downtown.
Definitely moving to just east of downtown dallas tomorrow, will be able to use that place for practice/studio space as well.

So far there is 3 of us in the lineup, me, a female vocalist/bass player, and a male vocalist/guitarist/bassist/synth player.

Could still use 1-2 more people, no matter what instrument you play.. the more versatile and willing to learn other things, the better, age is not a big deal, as long as you are old enough to get into clubs. We are all 21-26. Our first meeting is this sunday so I'm hoping to find at least 1 other before then.