im starting to sweep "ok-ly" now... but its not super great yet

I have some questions...

1) When i get to the high E, say my pick hits the string, 12th fret... the next note is 15th fret, then then it comes back to 12 right?
My question is, do i hammer on the 15th then sweep up (^) the second 12th OR do i sweep up the 15th and pull off to get the 12th

or does it really not matter and is a matter of preference?

2) the thing that is doing all the muting is the palm of the right hand right? so place the palm on the strings and move down as you go?
1) you strike the string on the 15th and pull off and then strike the B string

2) its not done with your right hand
its done using a rolling technique with your fingers which is probably the hardest thing about sweeping

basically to dampen the string you strike it then roll down and off it and it will stop ringing

that MAY make sense to you lol i'm not good at explainign that kinda thing
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1) What I would do with a pattern like that, would be to pick the first 12 like you said, then I'd hammer the 15 and reverse my picking motion to sweep back on the 12, if you time it right, you won't get the pull-off and the picked note separately, but you'll hit simultaneously and get 1 note, in stead of a double 12. It's about preference, but that is the most economic way of doing it, so you don't have to do a full hammer-on/pull-off pattern with a string skip.

2) Some people mute with their thumb when they sweep ascending licks, and with side of their palm when doing descending ones. Some people have so good control on their releases, so they don't even have to mute the strings. Personally, I manage to let each string go without having it vibrate afterwards, it's not the most easy way, but it's just what I'm used to.