If I had separate volume controls for every pup would they work as a kind of pickup selectors? And if they wouldn't then why wouldn't they? And what would be the advantages/disadvantages of this type of setting?

I'm thinking about a build in hypothetical level, so I'm weighting all the options - so that's why the stupid question : 7

It's possible to have a volume control for each pickup, but I'm not sure what you mean by it working as a pickup selector...
Do you mean that instead of cutting a pickup completely out of the sound (like what a pickup selector would do), you could just blend it in at a lower volume instead with it's seperate volume knob?
i'd have thought that it'd be quite hard to do, but probably possible, it'd be nice if you had some coil splits with push pulls built in with that too
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yes, this has been done before on strat style guitars. the one drawback is that you need to have 4 pots if you want a volume control so your pickgaurd will look kinda funky.
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