okay i have 2 questions..im gonna get a new guitar and would like to know which guitar is more versatile in my music and genres and if it would last me a long time. ok so i like to play alternative, indie, pop rock (oh yea ), but mostly melodic stuff. i like to play to bands such as cartel, relient k, yellowcard, snow patrol, copeland, RHCP, led zeppelin, and anberlin..pretty various isnt it? anyway which do you think would be better for these types of musics: a fender strat '89 made in japan OR ltd ec-1000 deluxe w/Duncans (i know i asked about the ec already)

now my second quesiton..cna someone tell me which gibson ES had a single pickup in the bridge? it didnt have a bigsby or anything just a stopbar tailpiece and a tune-a-matic. im not sure if the headstock came unfinished or was sanded down...heres a pic

Thanks in advance.

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The Gibson is a Tom Delonge sig, and I'd advise the EC-1000.
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