i was recently listening to them at guitar center, they have some good songs. i just dont like their vocals but their music is fantastic. any recommend some good songs? please, thanks
Follow The Reaper.

But this should be in the metal forum.
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no one said this one yet i think.... bodom beach terror, that song is sick
follow the reaper, silent night bodom night, bodom after midnight, kissing ths shadows
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Children of Decadence
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Angels Dont Kill is by faaaaaaaaaaaarrrr one of their more underrated ones, that song is ****ing powerful.
Oh yeah and:

Needled 24/7, Sixpounder, Are You Dead Yet?, Everytime I Die, Hate Me!, Angels Don't Kill, Warheart, Silent Night Bodom Night, Downfall, The Nail.

etc etc
Oh also, Red Light In My Eyes Pt. 1 (dont even bother with pt 2) its the only song that they use the clean channel on, its a really good one.
how has kissing the dragon not been mentioned yet
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Every song from Follow the Reaper.

That album is the greatest!
I agree, I don't much care for the cvocals but Alexi is amazing.
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how has kissing the dragon not been mentioned yet

maybe because its NOT A SONG
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how has kissing the dragon not been mentioned yet

that's because it doesn't exist, you meant Kissing The Shadows
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We'll Never Admit As Defeat
Towards Dead End.. that neoclassical **** at the end, man....

but, pretty much everything before Hate Crew Death Roll is the best.
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Lil' Bloodred Ridin' Hood.

That song is a straight up, in your face, F*CK OFF.. best song off Hate Crew Deathroll.