Hey, i cant open the main forum page of guitar gear and accessories (blocking) but it lets me open this page, so i will post it here. If it needs to be moved, then please move it for me Mr. Mod? I figure you guys know the answer though, as you know how to customize all this stuff.

Problem: my amp is making loud screeching sounds whenever i turn it on. It sounds like if you rewind or fastforward a tape while you are still playing it. I have the volume all the way off and loud screeching sounds still happen. It is under warranty, but could it be something im doing? I have been using it in the same spot all the time, and it has been working, but now it is just making "the sounds." It started off with just some low distoriton just a while back for a few seconds when i would turn it on. Then it moved up to a ping.The sounds were few and far between. Now its an evil screeching, and i turn it off before it stops (i only wait a second, im scared i will damage the amp it if is on.) What could be causing this?

EDIT: i just kept it on, and it stops after a second-ish, but that is bad. I'm scared...
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O.o should of taken the amp in when the changes started, but with that asside. If it's under warrenty. I'd just take it in, because it could be a sign for future problems even if it is a fix you could do.