..And I don't mean mount it to hang and pickup to play, but to display it sideways on a wall like you would find in a Hard Rock Cafe or something?

My grandfather, which died when my mom was young so I never knew him, had an old Silvertone electric which means a lot to me because its the only material possession I have of his, but since I play guitar I thought it would be awesome to display it above my computer in my computer/guitar room.

I don't want to drill it to the wall or anything like that, but I need to know what kind of things I should get to actually put it on the wall.
a shelf type thing. or at least a shelf on both ends. They do have cases that u can mount on a wall like Hard Rock Cafe display cases.

Is it one of the 60's Silvertones from Sears,like the one Beck uses live, or is it a newer Silvertone?