i have a original crybaby wah. i came back after a week of vacation, and it doesn't seem to work anymore. when the switch is off, the current still passes to my guitar. but when the switch is on, it seems like no current passes. but if i put my overdrive Bad Monkey pedal between my guitar and the wah, i notice a difference in volume when i turn the gain/level knobs. so i guess there is some sort of current passing thru the pedal when the switch is on. so im totally confused now. the warranty period is nearing. can any of u guys give me some tips or advice? thanks.

oh, also i opened it up, and there's a substance that looks alot like the lube at the front of the pedal on top of one of the capacitors (i think?). not sure if it got busted or it just got caught on it.
Have you checked the battery?

I wouldn't bother, if it's still under warranty, take it back and get a new one.
Dead battery, or somehow voltage isn't getting to your transistors. That goopy stuff on the pot is supposed to be there, that's fine. Post pics of the inside an I might be able to spot a problem.