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I was looking at various mixers lately and my guitar teacher says that I should get one with a USB port because if I hook it up to my laptop via analog then it'll come in as one track without any seperation between guitars, bass etc.. If I use a USB mixer will the tracks all come in seperately?

P.S. This is the mixer I'm looking at at:

it is unlikely that this mixer will be able to send out seperate wavs for each track.

like most mixers under a grand.. it more than likely sends everything in a single stereo track.
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Your best bet is to ask the guys at TweakHeadz. They know everything!

The second link in my sig takes you to the forum, I believe.

As much as I love Thomann, it's not the best website for tips and things. A lot of these retail sites have little paragraphs about the merits for things.

Sorry, I'm not much of a mixer expert!
I don't think that mixer will do all separate tracks ...it most likely sends it all out to a single stereo track like all other Analog mixers but with this it would allow you to do recording without a recording sound card.

Although Yamaha makes some good gear, I would suggest looking into other products.

me, I'm stuck on getting this nice toy:

I'll have to save up for a year though....
then add a few SM57 mics to the bunch...

as suggested before, check Tweak's board also linked at my sig.
Most USB mixers will send one track, a handful of mid-range FireWire mixers can multi-track. For a budget, invest in a multi-tracking computer USB interface, like one by Lexicon, for a few hundred dollars you can get 4 or 5 tracks which is probably the most you'll need.
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What about this chappy here, would he seperate tracks?

well i if you record everything seperate i believe that will work if you are want to have on screen control

ive been looking at that exact mixer.

now if you want to record at once you will have to mix it on the mixer before you record.

and it will come out as one mixed track