I have an Epiphone Special 2, Spider 2 75 watt amp, Yamaha GW33 and a Slash CryBaby Wah. I was thinking of maybe changing my pickups to somthing better as I still have the stock pickups.

I play mostly Classic Rock type music alot of GNR ect, what kind of pickups should I go for? I don't have alot of money to spend so anything that will get the job done would be nice.
two dimarzio DP100 Super distortions should get the job done for your kind of music. they run for about 70 bucks each.

grand total of 140 plus tax. not too bad for some really nice pickups

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Check out Seymour Duncans they're pretty good. Slash uses SD's so they might be good for you
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Instead of that, I'm going to suggest saving onto your money until you can afford a better amp. Pickups are only a small part of your sound, the amp is 95% of it. You can't get a very good tone in general with a Spider II, I don't think pickups will change that.

If you really don't want to listen to that though, Gibson Classic 57's and 57 plus.
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if you are not freaking loaded with money, then um, changing the pups might be a hard blow on you, because pups, well i m using emgs for just an example, they cost about 99 bucks each, and to put em in, it wud be about 60 more bucks(depends, on the store)
but what you could do is, like get a new amp i guess, thats sure to make a lot of improvement to your tone, you got a line6 spider, so you must know what i mean.

but then again, i donno too much about the price of pups from other brands

EDIT: Lightitup, thats exacly what i was typing XD, but you posted 1st bro
I mostly use my Yamaha GW33 board for my distortions with spider on clean. The GW33 is okay I guess. What type of amps would be good?
peavey, mesa, marshall(yes i jsut said that, the guy's got a freaking line6, anything is better than that{no offense})

the peavey valveking is pretty decent, dunno if its good for what your gonna be playing, but i would definitely get one of them, and i play everything, cept rap, you cant play da