Looking to step out and get some more sounds more than what my amps giving me. Playing style best described by popular bands: Adema (former w/ chavez), Mad at Gravity, Taproot, Breaking Ben, Evans Blue. My Amp is the Vox AD30VT. I'm basically looking to slowly build a board, getting one item per check or so assuming.

From what i've gathered reading some forums, so far the consensus seems to be Boss: Ch1, DS-1, Metal Core, and a huge debate of the MT-2 vs Muff. I personally thought the ME-50 was fun to play around on, but i've heard it's terrible for live.

Anyways, if i wanted to get similar sounds as above mentioned bands, what is your recommendation for a board setup when all is said and done? Btw, i primarily play a Schecter Tempest Custom right now.
I have a DS-1, and thru my crap amp, all i can get are different bass levels on a crunchy distortion. So Big Muff or a Jekyll and Hyde OD/Distortion. A noise gate would be good. a Phaser would be good, or a Chorus. Just get what u think is cool, and make ur own sound. Thats part of the fun of playing guitar.