Tell me what you fellows think of this amp because I'm almost sold on buying a used one for what seems to be mint condition, at $830. Ive read almost nothing but good reviews, at least for what I like to play (blues/classic rock). However Id still like to have a little versatility if possible, so I'd like to know how the amp plays in other "sounds" such as some heavier rock or even metal, and how the amp would respond to effects and pedals. Also, if you think poorly of this amp PLEASE say something. Overall though, just share your opinions. Thanks guys.
great, no, actually, FANTASTIC clean sound. get pedals for heavier stuff. and thats a good price for that
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YES. It's a fantastic amp, crystal cleans. Lots of headroom, so don't expect to get much natural od without bursting an ear drum.

Make sure you have pedals for all your od/distortion...that's why I have 5 or 6 dirt boxes, it gives off like 0 natural...but it is a fantastic amp...9.8/10, probably 10/10.

Great for blues/classic rock, alternative, pretty much all rock, and even hard rock with a good pedal.
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A good powerful amp, but be careful if you get one used. Make sure it was taken care of and the tubes have been replaced relatively recently.
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