im about to buy a Boss DR Beat 30 myself as soon as i cash my check, its $39.99 from musiciansfriend, i looked at alot and that one seems to be the best buy for your money.
theres also the korg ma -30, and that one is $29.99, iv heard alot of nice things about that one. i posted the links to them and theres some reviews on there too.
But be expection to pay about $20-$50 for a decent one.
hope this helps.
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There are plenty of free metronomes online you can use. There's one at all-guitar-chords.com.

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I kinda need a standalone one. The programs online are nice, but there' no computer where I practice.
Don't get a dr. beat. They are more orientated for a drummer's needs, and honestly no guitarist should need that much metronome. Just go for a mid range Korg met, they make very godo tuners that are reliable and light and portable. They are much more suitable for your needs, unless you have a special need for it besides for normal bedroom practice. A simple 10-20 dollar korg met will work fine.