Are Gotoh tuners any good
My guitar holds its Tune EXTREMLEY well
And it's got Gotoh, But my guitar was made in korea so i'm just wondering is it some fluke and i lucked out and got decent tuners, or Is Gotoh an all around good brand
They are good
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They are good

Yes they are indeed.
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good to know, just wasn't sure because it was korean, I've seen some horrible korean made guitars
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wtf is gotoh? damn abbreviations.

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It's the name of a brand. No abbreviation for anything.
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Gotoh makes the best tuners and the best bridges. DUH
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wtf is gotoh? damn abbreviations.


gotoh is a japanese brand. they make nice stuff.
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they are whicked at holding tune. i can divebomb on my ironbird with the locking nut disengaged and it stays almost perfectly in tune
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My Charvel has Gotoh, and the tuners on it are at least 15 years old and still work like new. Granted its a locking trem so they aren't used much, but when I could use the trem due to a bad nut and had the string locks off, they held it in tune very well.