i just bought a new squier deluxe stratocaster (with duncan hot rails ),
it has a sort of a raised bridge with a 2 way tremelo that can be pulled back to strech the notes, the only problem is that when i lean my palm against it when im playing, it makes the notes go all "wobbly" from my hand shaking the bridge, when i tighten the bridge as tight as it will go the strings touch the frets.

how do i make the bridge more solid so it doesnt react so sensitivly to my palm????

Don't do that. Seriously, is it a Floyd Rose floating trem? If it is you just have to adjust your technique. If you just started playing you may be using a little more aggressive motion while picking than is necessary, unless you are "wind milling" like Pete Townsend. As you progress your movements will get more efficient and the problem will most likely go away.
^ i think its just the two point fulcrum trem...

just screw it down as low as it will from the back... but so that the frets dont rattle (so not all the way... and then from there work on your technique...
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ya, its not a floyd rose (i probably should have said that), its the two point fulcrum thing, thanks anyway
if it stays in tune and you like the action, then get ur hands off the bridge while you play.

if you want a tighter bridge, then lower it by tightening the screws in the trem cavity.

and then raise the strings, by using a tiny allen wrench, on the front face of the saddles, until the buzzing stops.

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Either learn to palm mute without any pressure on the bridge so that you don't sharpen the notes, as this is best for the long run because it will allow you to keep the trem floating so that you can raise pitch with the whammy bar.

Or, after loosening the strings so you don't snap or overstretch them you could tighten the trem claws, and maybe add extra spring's to the back cavity so that you have the bridge flat against the guitar body when you have retuned it. Then it won't move at all when you PM, but you will lose the raise pitch with tremolo option.

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