okay, me and my band are going to be in my high school's varieties show comming up, if we make it. we've only been together for a few weeks now really, and i need some help on modding..

i have an ibanez RX20 right now, it has two humbuckers of unknown origin, a 3-way switch, one tone, and one volume control. and a floating trem.

what i wanted to do was carve out some of the center of my pickguard, and screw this straight into the wood of my guitar:


is it worth it, will i get a different tone with a 5-point switch? and should i do a H-P-H setup? and will that work good? i also plan on covering like the total inside of my pickguard, all wiring and stuff, with copper tape to try to cancel some buzz. and ill wire this pup right to my volume and tone as it is already, just get a 5-point switch? will i still get a good punk sound out of my guitar?!?

thanks a lot in advance everyone!!

ps. we plan on playing 'basket case' by green day, i will be using maybe a 125 watt amp, and as the very last act in the show ill either use this electric or bring on an acoustic to play 'good riddance', depending on how the people in charge like our acts. hopefully we'll get in. lol.

thank you again.

Sorry but just keep it stock and practice and don't worry about moddin.

You already have 2 good punk sounding pickups. Also you should never need to sheil as all 3 pups you want/have are hum cancelling.

Thay pup is crap btw, dont buy it.
yeah bud just leave it the way it are.

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