Hey, First off, i already looked in the metal recommendation thread (if its there, just tell me i didnt look hard enough and ill be on my way)

Second off (ly? idk..) Ive been listening to metal since I was six, so i didnt just wander over here...

Now then, I like alot of metal. Thrash and Core and Death and Speed, etc...but all these subs have one thing in common...they are fast as ****. Nothing wrong with that (i love metal) but ive heard a couple of songs done at or around breakdown tempo for the whole song...and i thought it was awesome. Lies of Autumn, for example (Ive only heard the AILD cover, if the LOG original is fast, my bad) and another song i heard a long time ago...i know that helps, sorry. But I was wondering if there are any really good slow metal bands/songs that youd recommend. Ive heard of sludge metal, but i dont think thats what im talking about, and it sounds weak, so idk. Anyways, if anyone could point me in the right direction, id really appreciate it!! Thanks!
yeah man, i love slow metal too, and there really isnt enough of it. Slow metal = serious headbanging/groove. THe only songs that are popping up in my head as slow metal right now are gently & the virus of life by slipknot(stfu haters, those are some good songs, particualrly gently.). They bothhave some seriously groovey D & B building up into some intense metal stuff.
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Oh, Sorry! Thanks man!

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skepticism but its doom metal and hard to find. Slow metal isnt really a genre so it might not even need to go in the recomendation thread
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Sludgecore is slow, and overlaps with doom metal. Eyehategod are slow like good torture.
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Doom metal as mentioned. and bands like Down and sabbath.. umm Some of Kyuss' stuff too?