I don't want to get a starter pack because i've heard they include crappy guitars. I always liked the look of the fender strats and this seems like a steal. I was planning on getting this and a line6 amp


Just would like your opinions.
if you can afford the guitar then go for it!. however, you might want to cut back on the guitar to get a better amp, but the call is yours.
The fender looks good and is probably likely to increase in value as it is "250 only".

What music are you looking to play?

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good guitar. but ur probably gonna be wanting a new amp in a couple of months...thats what happened to me.
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dont get a spider. you'll want to replace it once you start getting better. save up a little and buy a little bit nicer amp (not line 6)

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Instead of a 15w Spider you could get a Roland Microcube

It's got a way better tone than the spider, It's loud enough for the bedroom and best of all it's portable! You can practice anywhere!

I have one and it has served me well...
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get a valve Jr. as ur amp. pretty cheap, and all-tube. or a Valve Special. Both Epi amps, both good. I wanted to get a Fender like that. looks awesome, but is missing a knob if u notice.
get the strat but dont get the blem one that you have on that link get the brand new one and get a roland microcube for ur amp
Cheap Ibanez (GSA60, RG321), and a smaller Roland Cube or Vox AD.

Sure it might cost you $50-$100 more in total, but you probably wont feel like your gear is **** 3 months, 6 months, or a year later.
Good starter guitar, good price. Forget the Spider. I'd suggest the Roland Cube as was mentioned for the best modeling amp that will do metal.
If you know you will be playing then get the better guitar
and for god's sake, dont get the spider.
I don't even shred
everyone says that the roland micro cube is awesome, so ill take it from you guys with experience and pick that up instead thanks for your help btw
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so would i need a cable, strap, picks and a tuner as well?
Yeah, you can get all three for about $30.
i second the rg321mh.
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i second the rg321mh.

I love my RG321MH, that and a microcube would be an awesome beginners setup.