Ok, getting anew axe in about a month. I have between $650 and $700 to spend and it will be my first intermediate guitar (My others are a crappy squier strat and an epiphone les paul). I have basically think I'm going to get a Schecter hellraiser avenger, but I keep being drawn back to the explorer shape. I love it. Any could explorers out there in my price range, and (preferably with EMGs like the Shecter), or should I just stick with the avenger?
ESP EX-600 has an 81/85 or an 81/60 set, i dont remember which. An Epi explorer with EMG's installed aftermarket would be about $700, and IMO, it looks cooler than the ESP.
That depends, what kind of Explorer? Gibson, Epi...?

And I have a Schecter jazz guitar, and I love it, so maybe you should go with the Hellraiser. Although, if the Explorer you are talking about is a Gibson...

EDIT: I reread your post, and you wont be getting a Gibson with $700 haha

Go for the Schecter, unless you are willing to save up like an extra $100, in which case go for an ESP LTD EC-1000 Deluxe. I have one and it is the best guitar I have ever gotten for so cheap, and it comes with 2 EMGs on it.

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Well i definitely like the look of the gibson more than the new ESPs, but I doubt a gibson is in my budget. I even thought of an Agile explorer with emgs dropped in.
ESP's EX-400's have EMG's in them, theyre in your price range. If you like the classic shape you can get an Epi Explorer for 400ish bucks and drop EMGs in it. You mightbe able to catch a Gibson Explorer for 700 on eBay if you're lucky, though
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