okay here is the thing.
i LOST my physical eb-edge card. i had the whole little membership and everything. im not too concerned about this. but i had 32 dollars of credit on it, which was supposed to be used for halo 3. id figure im ****ed, but luckily i kept my reciept (for how i obtained the credit) incase this happened. see, i had bought tony hawks project 8, and returned it the next day. so heres what my reciept says -

original payment: used trade-in
reason: other

refund: EB EDGE: (my card number)
prev balance: 0.00
refund amount: 32.10
new balance: 32.10

do you think that since i have my card number, and on top of that the reciept, that i could use this credit to pay off half of halo 3?
they'll usually be fine with just the card number
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