Ok I'm learning my scales and modes, but how do i know what key a song is in? Are there any key factors of the song that decide the key? HELP ME OUT! Thank you, any help is appreciated!

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You can tell what key something is in by the number of sharps or flats in the key signature. Heres a little thing called the circle of fifths and will really help you out...

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also, find the chord that the song resolves to.
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What do you mean, revovles to?
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well to understand keys look on a lesson about the circle of fifths but as for modes they're all derived from the key's and major scales... the ionian's are specifically the built off the first degree so there all the major scales. c ionian would be c major, g ionian would be the g major scale ex...
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What do you mean, revovles to?

Usually it is the first chord of the progression, but sometimes that rule doesn't always hold up.

Let's say your chord progression is: | C | Dm | Am | G |

The G chord is the fifth chord of the Cmaj scale and resolves to C (which happens to be your first chord as well).

I'm sure someone will come and give a fully detailed explanation but I'm working on homework right now, so my mind's in a different place haha.