I know vc is more vintage and lc is more modern

i think the vc is 2 channel where as the lc is one?

do they both have reverb?

what do they have "knob" wise? (lol)

i want a really versatile amp, that would do upto metal with an overdrive.
and would like 2 channels so i can switch between clean n dirty

Im leaning towards the VC because it sounds like the more versatile amp

also i plan on getting a lot of nice new pedals, delay, chorus, overdrive, wah etc


cheers guys n gals

Power RMS 15 Watts
Inputs 2x Jack (Bright & Normal)
Channels 2: Clean and Drive
Equalisation Bass, Mid & Treble
Bright Switch Yes
Preamp Valves 3x 12AX7 TAD Tubes
Output Valves 2x EL84 TAD Tubes
Class A/B
Reverb Yes
Footswitch FS2 (Not included)
Speaker connections 1x External Speaker Socket (cuts out internal speaker)
FX Loop(s) Yes
Drivers 1x 10" Custom Jensen Driver
Weight 14 Kg
Dimensions (mm) 447 x 348 x 200
Channel Controls Tone control

LC15 R(Reverb)

Power RMS 15 Watts
Inputs Hi & Lo Jacks
Channels 1
Equalisation Bass, Middle, Treble
Bright Switch Yes
Preamp Valves Premium ECC83
Output Valves Premium EL84
Class Class A / B
Reverb Yes
Line In Yes
Footswitch FS1 (Not included)
Speaker connections Jack
FX Loop(s) Yes
Drivers 1x 10" Celestion Tube 10
Weight 11.5 Kg
Dimensions (mm) 385 x 382 x 250

So yes they are very similar spec wise VC is 2 channel LC is 1, and you can buy the LC without Reverb. VC will do Metal at a push with a Tubescreamer type OD pedal plus overall it is the most versatile of the two.
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I have played both and VC sounded MUCH better IMO. The LC ain't bad, but I found the VC much better.
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Tone-wise I prefer then VC more than the LC, the LC is more modernly voiced and american, the VC has IMO a better OD tone.

But for metal, the LC is the better option, but the VC could probably get a fairly good (not uber high/modern gain) good metal tone with an OD to boost it and with some good EQing