yes yes, I know its a stupid question. haha. but I will ask anyways, see if anyone gets mad or anoyed...how much better is the gibson sg faded mahogany (whatever its called) than the epiphone g-400?
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this is like comparing a flushing toilet to a hole in the ground
i have a g400 and have played the gibson and honestly they are very similar in weight, size of neck, playability. the gibson has better pups obviously, but....
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i got a g400...i think it's a great guitar. im gonna upgrade the pickups to some emg's soon and possibly paint it hot pink (it'll be badassed, trust me) should last me quite a while, haven't played the gibson faded but g400's a good choice if the other one turns out to be crap

what i suggest is to just play both at a guitarcenter, and whichever one sounds better, buy that one
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I shall use food as comparison!

Gibson's are to Epiphone's what butter is to margarine.

Understand now?
When I've played Gibsons, the major differences I've noticed were:

-The guitars came intonated perfectly
-Better Tuners
-The Gibson Logo
-The Pups

... That was about it, so if you know about guitars and like to tweak them, you can fix up an Epiphone to be almost as good as a Gibson.
well the finish, the pups, the USA made thing, and the Gibson logo..and the neck is diff.... i Got the Gibby and i played the Epi and there not tht much diff....but the Gibby is like 600 and the G-400 is about 400$ (correct me if im wrong) but gibby pups cost about 100$ each so if you want 490s then go for the Gibby
For the $200 difference I would go with the 490's and the name. Better resale later on (if you are into that) and better sound.
Gibby is better quality, and honestly ive played alot of G-400's and every one of them was really horrid feeling, but the gibson neck was alot nicer and more playable.
ok well i looke at the G-400s price and its 300$ but still you get 200$ Gibson pups, the made in usa thing,the logo, and the resale value. But either one you get make sure you play the ONE you get b.c some are horrible some are great, i got a faded i like as much as any standard i have ever played but one of the fadeds i did play when i was buying mine played worse then my epi LP special 2
I have a faded Sg and I thought the same as you and tried out the epiphone I found the Gibby to be much more playible. I think gibson is kind of a hit and miss brand they put out some lemons and some great products but you get what you pay for either way if you feel like spending the time and money to customize an epiphone with better pickups then go for it.
what have you guys heard on the sg menace? or the sg special 3 pickup guitar?
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this is like comparing a flushing toilet to a hole in the ground
Any Epiphone I've tried felt like crap to me. They are not made with anywhere near the same quality wood as a Gibson. Sure you can dress them up, change pickups and whatever else but there are better options for the money.