k these are the things i will be getting. comment on if its good or not.Also this would be my first guitar setup.ive been playing for about 2 years but on a classical guitar.Also is there any better pedals then that for the money. i wanted one with tons of effects since the amp doesnt have any.Thanx

This guitar:

this amp:http://www.guitarcenter.com/shop/product/Roland-Micro-Cube-Combo-Amp?full_sku=481169%2e001

and this pedal/proccessor: http://www.guitarcenter.com/shop/product/buy_digitech_rp80_modeling_guitar_processor?full_sku=102538246
If you read the specs of the amp, there are built-in effects.

The guitar is great, but do you REALLY think you need a pedal? I for one don't recommend it, it stopped working for a friend after 3 months, and he takes care of all of his belongings.

Also, what genres of music do you play?
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the guitar is probably alright, DONT GET THE DIGITECH. that amp is loaded with effects.... but its not going to put out if your playing in a band situation

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1. great starter guitar, obviously a les paul rip off but its done pretty good
2. cant go wrong with a roland cube, if your in that lower price range they are great amps
3. digitech has some awesome stuff and you found a good one in my opinion that processor will give you a huge range of playability through styles and sound
(haha have to say this man)
THE VERDICT: solid overall, a good amp made better by a solid processor with impressive selection topped off by a beautiful guitar for that starter/average player, only recommendations i can make is to get a more powerful amp if you get into gigging or playing with friends which will hopefully happen but the cube wails and will do for now. enjoy man
I wouldn't recommend that pedal. I have used a Digitech RP before and hated it. Only alright effects and they are just a pain to work with. Seems like a nice guitar, though. And about the amp, Cubes have a lot of effects, but I wouldn't get the micro cube. Too small. You will end up wanting more power, believe me. Get a larger Roland Cube, like a 30 watt or get a Vox, you won't be disappointed with a Vox.
ya but im only 13 so i dont get much money and my mom will only pay 125 at most for an amp.(shes paying for the amp) it didnt look like the cube had effects,just different tones. o and im also changing the pickups to the seymour duncan hot rodded humbucker set later on. are there any other pedals like that, that are the same price but better. and i like to play lots of classical rock, and hard rock like godsmack. i like alot of music tho. Also now that i think of it i might just pitch in with what my mom pays to get the roland cube 20x,would that be better

any other suggestions on the amps and pedals?
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The guitar is very good even for intermediate players. The Microcube sounds surprisingly loud, decent tone and the effects are ok. You don't need the Digitech POS, the effects on the Cube sound much better.
k ill wait a while to get a pedal so i know if i really need one. i remember when i used to want the spider 3 then my friend got it,ya tons of effects but have of them are useless and every channel even clean if bad quality and fuzzy.does the microcube have good quality sound on effects and clean channel?

also is that a good choice for pickups?
That guitar is good but for an amp get a fender champ 600 or an epi valve Jr. Or if you play Hard rock or metal get a Crate palmino 5 watt. you will thank your self for going tube. I know they say 5 watts but tubes amplify about 3 times louder and will sound better when cranked, alot better than a cube. They also work for bedroom stuff and you could crank em and mic it at a gig if you do gig, so dont get the effects or the cube and DO get a 5 watt tube....(just my opinion)