I've been playing close to a year now... mostly acoustic, and mostly fingerpicking. My skills there are going quite smoothly... but whenever I plug in and I have to use my pick, I seem to find myself struggling.

I do alternate pick out of habit, and I try to economy pick... it only happens if I think about it though.

I do my best not to anchor my wrist and pinky, and I want to know if there is a proper way to hold a pick. I just keep my fist closed for the most part,and hold it between my thumb and forefinger. This also makes it difficult to alternate pick palm muted chords.

Any advice is welcome
As long as you are comfortable that's ok..

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well make sure it doesnt fall out, and make sure youre not holding it in a way that you use too much tension

also, you actually tense up more when not anchoring. best way is the wrist, theres no effort used in the anchoring, anchoring pinky creates strain.
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I hold the pick sideways I'm not sure how many other people do but i hold it so that the point goes out towards the bridge. I find it easier to pick faster this way because u dont have to raise it as much to play different strings.
I wouldnt say there is a 'right' way but there is definitely a recommended way.
Different ways let you play different things.

I used to hold it on the fleshy part of my thumb, but then when it came to learning pinch harmonics I couldn't do it. So I changed it to the side of my thumb. Took a while to get used to.

I also used to rest my pinky on the pickguard, but now I'm trying to make a fist out of my hand, which is also taking a while to get used to.

So it's best to start with the proper technique, to save you from re-learning.
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Keeping your fist closed is actually not a good idea. That actually creates muscle tension in your arm that will slow you down. Any muscle tension is a BAD thing.
Hold your right arm out in front of you, very relaxed, thumb facing up like you're going to shake someone's hand. See how your fingers naturally curl? That's the way they should be when you hold the pick. You only need to pick them up enough to not touch the strings. Seems very relaxed and natural. And you may notice you can get your hand closer to the strings.
Also, no more than 1/4 inch of the pick should stick out. Allowing any more than that tempts you to dig the pick deep which will also slow you down. Go on Ebay and look for something called a Dunlop Stylus Pick. It's a training tool, and may be the best one you could ever get. It'll teach you how to use the pick correctly. You'll never be the same.
As far as anchoring...well, that's an argument that will go on forever. Some will say that's a horrible habit and should never be done...it slows you down. John Petrucci anchors..watch the G3 video. He's one of the fastest players on the planet. You decide.
I'd say just find a comfortable and flexible position to hold your pick and keep it that way.

The way I hold mine is like, if you let your wrist go limp so its just hanging there, palms down, then turn your hand palms up, your pointer find and thumb automatically touch, and I stick my pick around that area.