I wanted to get Dimarzio(spelling?) Evolution p'ups for my Ibanez RG350DX. I like their tone, so I'm pretty set on those. My question is, how much would they cost to be put in if I didnt wanna do it myself? Because I really don't. Oh and one more question, what color should I get them in? It has a white body with black hardware and a pearloid pickguard. Look up Ibanez RG350DX if you wanna actually see it, and tell me which colors to get my p'ups in. Thanks
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1 - white pickups will look by far the most sexy
2 - i think it costs about $60 for a pickup install in the US...don't quote me on that though, I'm 3000 miles away....
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I don't think it would be $60 for a pup' install but I could be wrong. Ask around and see who was the best price.
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