well i had a tube amp or semi tube( a guitar research t30r) and i was playing and i turned the gain up with my distortion and it gave a hum. so i turned everything down and the hum kept on. so i figured my fuse blew but now it doesnt even turn on. help anybody?
Never heard of the amp. You need to know if its tube, hybrid or solid state, and does it have a fuse? Its probably not ground problems. Sounds like something burned. Did you smell anything or see smoke or flash? Post these things and someone may have some advice.
yea it seemed as if the fuse blew out cause i did sell something and it has a tube but the thing just wont turn on now. idk if the tube has to do with that or what. i believe its hybrid or tube. most likely tube
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If it has only one tube then its most likely a hybrid. Unplug it and look in the back at the top panel. If it has a fuse it will most likely be under a little plastic cap about the size of a large pencil eraser. Turn the cap and pull the fuse out (a small glass cylinder with two metal caps.) Look inside the glass. There is a little wire inside. If the fuse is bad the wire will be broken. Post again if this isn't it.