can sum1 plz explain to me WHY it is sed to b an awful amp?

no1 would answer me in electric guitar
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well the mg series are like the squiers of fender's. They have the brand name, but they are thrown together using the cheapest of materials. Cheapest speakers, cheapest electronics, the cheapest wood, the cheapest speakers. It just lets them make something that the beginning to player can buy because they dont have an ear for tone yet, and still think that they have a marshall amp, like all the big boys
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peavey makes some cheap amps that are aight. rolands. etc.
Matthew 7:7 ""Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."

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It's also quite overpriced for a practice amp of that caliber, simply because of the Marshall label.

I HAVE played worse-sounding guitar amps, but they were less than half the price of an equivalent MG.

Personally, the MG as a small practice box is fine with me, but I cringe whenever I see one of those 50w MG combos, or worse even, an MG stack.
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Yuck. I never really believed that they were that bad until I played one. I wasn't against the cleans actually, they sounded alright with some delay or reverb.

The distortion on it sounds like fizz, and it is terrible all the way up the dial. There are just so many better amps that you could get at the price, it makes no sense why people get them. (Other than the marshall nameplate
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Because...it sounds bad!

An amp that sounds bad is thus a bad amp. Simple mate.
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