It's been a few months since posted . I've have been swamped with outdoor gigs this summer.
This is one my few bass cabs I build that I have perfected. Everyone liked it so I just kept tweeking it. 17 tweeks, 12 prototype cabs, finaly it's done. Thumps like a 15 only tighter. I know, no horn , but most people will use this with a 2x10, I like two of these loaded with my first choice ( although underpowerd) Eminence Deltalite 1225 / with a 2x10. They also sound great used as subs for small systems. I sold 9 of these the last 5 weeks.
No this is not an add and I don't ship, I only build for friends as I have for years now.

If anyone is interested, I may post information sometime in the future so you can build them yourselves. cost under $75 US 3/4 birch plywood construction.
I hope you like.
I am in the process of tweeking a 2x12 similar to a Schroeder design at this time.
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thank you for your help

Over 30 years in the biz. If you are looking for speaker info, I have tried many over the years . So hit me up and I will try to help you younger guys and gals.
That's pretty cool man. Wish I knew enough about this sort of thing to build cabs.
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