Tube sages, I need some help here.

I'm decided on a B-52 AT series amp, but whereas I was pretty much sold on the AT-112 60w 1x12 combo, now I'm not so sure. The 60w combo is missing some of the seemingly golden features that the 100w AT-100 head/AT-212 combo have, such as the tri-mode rectifier (switching between Solid State, Class A, and Class AB rectifier circuits), a second higher gain channel, bright switch, etc., and I might be able to get the AT-100 head cheaper than either combo.

Normally, this wouldn't have been an issue; I would take the AT-100 head/AT-212 combo over the AT-112 combo easily were it not for their over-the-top wattage which I've little use for. I'm not gigging yet and I understand that even if I were, 100w is just too much.

Is the wattage going to be an issue or am I really worrying about a difference that amounts to nothing? I have heard that you can remove half of the tubes to cut the power out, actually taking advantage of the higher threshhold to get a better sound than you would on a lower power amp, and just making sure you set the ohm selector correctly - would this be viable were I to go the 100w route?

Appreciate the help, guys.
with heavier music, poweramp distortion usually isn't in demand as much. and being that 60watts is pretty hard to break up as is, i think the 100watt version has more benefits.

if it has a class A switch, combined with taking out powertubes, it might be possible to get powertube overdrive if you wanted. i'm not sure exactly how this amp works, but if i were in your place, i would take the bit of extra with the 100watt version.
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