Hey guys I know I haven't been around that much lately anyways, because I've been so busy with life and all that nonsense, but I'm sad to say I'll be around even less for awhile.

Due to certain medical and personal problems I have to take things easy for awhile, so that includes my internet activity. I'm still going to work with Jim and some users in fixing up the FAQ, but that's about all you'll see of me for hopefully only a short time.

Thanks for the understanding, guys
My God, it's full of stars!
Sorry to hear about the medical problems, I sincerely hope everything is O.K. Good luck and hope to see you back on the forums soon
Thoughts and prayers are with ya mate, hope its nothing too serious!
Just remember... UG loves you!
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I'm sorry to hear that Jon. That's awful, I hope you get well soon. And don't worry, we won't go out of hand if you aren't around bud... well, most of the time.