So i just ordered an iMac and a firebox, which is ****ing dope, but i need suggestions on some software. I've been using Sonar Home Studio and i like it because it has an easy MIDI drum creation interface and at the moment i dont have enough mic's to record drums myself. However, this won't work on the mac i dont think.
The firebox comes with cubase LE. Does this have adequate drum beat creation or should i invest in logic express or just use garage band?

While im asking, would a shure sm57 work well to mic up a bass drum?
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Cubase is probably just fine. If you need something more powerful try Logic Express (easier to use) or Logic Studio (more powerful but steeper learning curve) that were both just released. Everyone who has upgraded to them claims that at least in their opinion they are two of the best DAW's out there, and for the price point they cannot be beat (if you already have a mac that is). T

he previous version of Logic was phenomenal, but in the new version they upgraded the workflow with some tricks from Cubase and Protools - but streamlined the interface to make it less complicated than either of those.

So - what I would do is try out with Cubase LE, and if you cannot stand it then I might think about some other software - but give Cubase a good try first since you will already have it.
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Alright thanks.
I was pretty much thinking that but i wanted to see what anyone had to say
Austin Les Paul rip-off that sounds really nice
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