anyone else beside me a fan of this awesomely underrated band? I think their freakin awesome, and Akira Takasaki is just as good, if not better, than some of the 80's metal guitar players that are idolized today. I dont know if it was because their a japanese band or what but does anyone else agree that they could have been a huge hit in america if they had the same chances as Poison and Ratt?

this band is awesome.
There's a damn good reason PG extolls their virtues all the time: they do indeed rock and Akira is awesome.
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I've only seen one video by them and wished there were more. I think they were undercut and not given the proper chance to blossom in the US. Shame, really...
i recall seeing a video of them a while back here, but they are probably not well known because they are japanese lol
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I've seen lots of their videos (that hair is insane!) but I couldnt find their albums, and I was too lazy to order them in, plus I dont think I was able to find anything with enough seeds to download.
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i have the album Disillusion. The production the vocals and Akira's tone are all horrible.

But the music is good.
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