Yeah, as the title says. I've been looking for something that'd give me an echo effect, and apparently a delay pedal does that?

Now, I'd like to find something under $100 dollars (preferrably far less than that), and again I find myself turning to Danelectro.

The PB&J Delay Pedal. What's the word on this? Good, or no? Is a full second of delay generally enough (I'm into the psychadelic stuff, mostly)?


Any other pedals that you could reccomend?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
for just about $20 more you can get a much much nicer delay... i would go with the Boss DD-3
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Boss DD-3......hmmm, okay, I'll take a look.....

Any other ideas, people?
The Digitech DigiDelay is a $100 (IIRC). I absolutely love mine. Although it has no tap tempo.
The Carl Martin Red repeat and the Boss DD3 are your best bets probably.
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i LOOOOOVE my PB&J delay. Its so lush and natural sounding without that shrill digital tone you get from boss delay pedals(unless its modded with hi-cut). In fact, I sold off my ibanez DE7(which is a decent delay, but muds up under hi-gain) and replaced it with the pb&j. Sure it lacks extra features like the boss', but the sheer lush tone and the price more than makes it up.
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EHX #1 Echo is 100 bucks, and it is gorgeous sounding. It goes from 10ms to 2 seconds of delay, and from one to infinite number of repeats. It's analog-voiced as well, so it sounds like a good delay
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