Hey guys,

I'm still pretty new to the guitar world, so troubleshooting is not something I'm able to do.

My guitar has stopped playing through my amp. The amp is functional. It's still producing noise as it should if I turn on the overdrive.

The jack on the guitar is not loose, but I have not taken it apart to see if any wires have broken or seperated. The cord between my amp and the jack has stopped producing buzzing noises when the amp is turned on, and the jack is touched (but not plugged in).

Before it went completely dead, I could make it all work intermittently. I can't recall doing anything, like tripping over the cord and ripping it out of the guitar, to make all the problems start.

What could possibly be wrong?

How probable is it that I just need a new cord? How probable is it that, despite the fact that it seems all right, the jack on my guitar is screwed?
Have you tried another guitar through the amp? Have you tried a different cable?

Try those and if all else fails, take apart your guitar and see if there's a wire to the jack that came unsoldered, I've seen it happen in a friend of mine's bass and it was a quick and easy fix. However, I suspect it might just be a problem with the cable by your description.
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if your cable has stopped producing buzzing noices when not plugged in its probally the cable

Usually you can unscrew the ends and solder it if its there is a riped wire or loose wire.
I ve had problems with tis before and its usually were the 1/4 in male end of the jack connects with the cable. Its not a uncommon occurence if you trip over the cable and rip it out,.
so you avoid ripping it again, pull cable through the right over the back strap pin from the back of the guitar(so that the strap holds the cable into place) and then hook it into your guitar jack female end. It never comes out that way.
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yeah all you can really do is run a trial and error kind of deal like what was said above, then go from there.