...MTV, the walt disney company, the bush administration, two party ruling systems, aol & time warner, starring bam margera and britney spears with a guest appearance from paris hilton (she does the moneyshot!) [NWS]


can't imagine a roller coaster
imperceptibly creeping away from the track,
rolling through sterilized corporate attractions-
can't imagine what a million mass graves look like
impossible to understand an extra dimension
because everyone is trapped in a cubicle headstone
marking a tally score card against their rotting flesh with their droning vibrations
we never wonder about the slippage of time or moralities
soon we will be watching an aborted fetus in a bikini dancing on a stage
and clapping and laughing and throwing more and more money to the *****s
skeletons stuffed into the cracks between walls silent
the brakes have all been cut
or simply not been applied
There is no place else to go
The theater is closed
You know what it's fine, I don't really care that no one cares. Retreat to the lair of the pretentious artist!
There is no place else to go
The theater is closed