The only part of my "squier" stratocaster that was actually made by squier, is the scalloped neck that says squier. Is it possible to just sand that decal off? I'm tired of the scoffs. It's got a different body, different pickups, tuners, bridge, electronics, hell even different screws. Would I be doing any damage sanding the decal off? Any refinishing?

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You can sand off the decal, but I recommend removing all the hardware from the headstock sanding all the front face off and clearcoating it.

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Use as light grit as possible. It'll take a little longer but will do less damage.
How about this: Just sand off the "r." Then you'll have a "Squie." I've never heard of anybody playing a Squie before. Infact, I'd really love to see a Squie. That'd be really unique.
i sanded mine off
i just took this sanding block and it came off in like 10 seconds
the made in indonesia thing on the back comes off super easy too lmao.