B harmonic minor with f natural as an accidental


edit: A# (A#-C##-E#=Bb-D-F)
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i believe its E phrygian and E pentatonic "blues", but it would be notated out as


theres quite a few others as well but these are good starters
hmm that one works alot better than the other one above i dont know why but the other one sounds way off :S
we aim to please

also depending on any other chord progressions in the song you can try

E F# G A Bb B D (which is the same as the blues scale, just with the F sharpened)


E F F# G A Bb B C D

which is a 10 note scale that sounds kinda off, its really an alteration of a chromatic scale that i enjoy which is more about using notes not within the basic scale as passing tones and 7ths to the chords that are in the scale (ie if you're playing a G5, you can use a scale consisting of G,A,Bb,C,D,E,F# and the F# will really highlight and want to resolve back to the G)

and an alteration which is a mix of that and E hungarian minor (i think is the name of it)

E F G A Bb B C D (or you could sharpen the F here as well depending on how minor-esque you want it to sound)
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