Well this thread is for posting the originals in.

In fact, we'll make a little game of this.

For one hundred and fifty-two punk points,

who covered this song?


It was the New York Dolls - they covered "Seven Day Weekend" by Gary US Bonds.

I get the points. Post more originals!
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i cant do links coz im at college and theyve banned youtube grrr but...

anarchy in the uk by the sex pistols

who covered that

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No my friend, you've gotten the wrong end of the stick.

I am refering, of course to 50's, 60's and 70's pop songs covered by punk bands.
well not punk but
Come On Eileen-Dexy's Midnight Runners


covered by Save Ferris

and of Course Take On Me-A-Ha


covered by Reel Big Fish
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And the dancing with the venus puppet.

This is the best youtube version.
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Here's one everyone will know
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The Dead Kennedys did Rawhide (Blues Brothers' version is the best I've heard). Agent Orange covered Pipeline.
Oh, streets of london by ANWL.

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Does anyone else get this?
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I don't know if it's who you're looking for, but the Sonics covered Good Golly Miss Molly (original's better). I don't know who covered Eddie Cochran, but I love him and whoever covered him has some class. I don't know who did the Love song, but I believe that they originally did 7 & 7 Is which a ton of punk bands have covered (Weirdos and Ramones off the top of my head). Agent Orange covered Secret Agent Man, but I'm not sure that's who you're looking for. Don't know about the Dylan one.
^Oh yeah I forgot them. I was thinking of the Meat Puppets version.

I didn't know Agent Orange did Secret Agent Man, I was thinking of the Devo cover.

I'll leave the other 3 up in the air.