So I've been wondering this for a little while What would be the advantages of having more strings on a bass or guitar? Would it really expand your playing that much to have extra strings.

For example, one friend of mine has a 4 string bass, and another a six string guitar. I also have a six string guitar. So would it be better for us to have say a seven string guitar and a 5 or 6 string bass?

And if it is better, why aren't all guitars 7 strings, and why don't all basses have 6 strings.

The point it is that i know nothing about this, if someone could just explain what's going on with the string count that would be cool.
it's a choice thing really, some people want the added range, others don't. i wouldn't say one was better than the other
It's not necessarily better. It does allow for extended range which is nice, but some find it cumbersome to play when it has more strings due to things like a fatter neck, etc..
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