As my Guitar is off for a while[ currently at the repair shop]

i decided to study from written notes for a while...
and learning some guitar concepts and some lessons from it
for me to keep in touch in guitar XD

What lessons Should i learn from now?

Technics that will concern about Acoustic and classical...

Like technics :
palm muting

diffrent kind of picking..

specifically what should i learn?
things that will only concern in field of acoustic

what kind of scales?
do i have to learn modes?
lydian blah blah blah something like that

economy picking?
sweep picking?

those things?

im planning to print lots of lessons from UG tho..
but i still dont know what to print and what to study...

hope you guys understand what im trying to ask/say..
T__T my english is bad
thanks in advance....
Study it all, you don't have to cover all of that to be a good guitarist, but if you wan't to learn then there really isn't any particular thing you should study, unless what you're trying to learn is beyond your skill level of the time. I better way of looking at this is to think more in terms of rhythm theory and lead theory. For rhythm, just for example, you might wan't to learn chord relationships (circle of fifths) , how to construct a chord from a particular scale, etc.
ok heres now..
i wanna learn step by step...
intermidiete level...

things that will help me move across my current level...
and be a better player in my current level...

heres what i am...

i can do plucking...
can do some rythms[ but im not that good in strumming, honestly i cant get the strumming of Wonderwall - Oasis, Crash into me - dave matthews band] some songs like that...

i have basic knowledge about arpeggios but i havent apply them yet in my playing..

i know what a major scale is...
but still i dont know how to apply them

i dont know what pentatonic..

i have some knowlge about chords construction..

i know theres a lots of things to be learn out there..
but what is first? ...
things that will help me in my current level...

i mean learning things i cant use today is useless for now i guess...
I wouldn't really recommend trying to learn techniques such as palm muting, sweep picking, alternate picking, etc. without your guitar in hand. You can read all you want, but there's no substitute for practice when it comes to technique. It's great that you want to learn these things, but you should wait until you get your guitar back to tackle new techniques!

As for things to learn without your guitar... THEORY. There are plenty of good lessons on UG and the rest of the internet dealing with music theory. Start with some basic lessons that explain the major scale and how it is derived, chord construction, minor scale, pentatonic scales, the modes of the major scale, barre chord construction, etc. That should be enough to keep you busy until you get your guitar back!
thats a great advice jmtaka..
XD i agree that how could i learn techniques if i dont have my guitar in hand im so stupid heheheh

anyway thanks for the great advice...
as now ill print several written lessons..
and study them till me guitar goes back in hand

thanks to everyone and godbless all
go to- music theory.net - they have sum good stuff
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