It's pretty damn sweet, dude.

Needs more Cowbell, though...
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it's carsonplunkett, I remember you and your kickass songs mate ... I'll listen to this one..

haha, damn dude, that was awesome.. very much like necrophagist but it was too short.. I'm looking forward to listening to a complete track to bang my head on..

I'd live a link for you to crit mine but I'm too lazy to go grab the link, lmao.. If you're interested it's in the first page..

Cheers man..

Seriously, make it longer.
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that was insanely good :O i tried writing **** like that but i failed miserably, i just couldnt make anything catchy, but you nailed it.
thanks! and sorry, i bought the book. it's muhammed's tab, not mine. i'd feel bad giving it out to people.
that was amazing. i wish i could come up with riffs like that.
all mine look like **** compared to that. not fair.
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That was great. I love tech death, you did it very well. Nice playing and drum programming.

Crit me here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=678312

not to be a dick or anything but why would he crit yours if you didnt give a crit on his, you just gave a none descript comment that you could have left even without watching just from the title, put more effort in and youll get more effort back from your crits. this is what makes this forum lack behind what it could be.

Damn, sweet stuff. Please do add to it, it'll be a shame to let go of that kinda riff. Very Necrophagist indeed. The visual wasn't that great, but what the hell, it was great to listen to. Nice work!

WHat's your rig btw?

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=678388
hot damn, good work holmes. set yourself up some recording gear and lets hear it with some pro audio
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hehe, it seems the best guitarists can never afford gear that can keep up with them.

if you happen to have a tab of that, i wouldn't mind dissecting how to write in that particular style. my riff A.D.D. prevents my ability to write anything overly complicated.
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same here lol so i tried writing a semi complex song but it came out less complex and i still messed up the recording i phail at guitar.
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tabit. i'll email it to you if you want. just don't steal my riffs : )

I wouldn't do that to a fellow UGer man... haha, because I probably couldn't play them as well as you anyways... here's my email:


oh yeah man I forgot:

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That was amazing, nice to see someone putting a bit of thought into this genre, death metal these days is dominated by bands playing the same chug riffs in horribly low tunings. This is facking awesome.