Yeah like in a couple of months , i will try to get in some music school and one thing you gotta do during the test is play some sort of song.
It has to be as impressive as possible so i get more chances to get in the school (its like 1 out of 5 people come in and it all depends on the grades and the score you get during the test).

I want to prepare realy good , so its best if i start working on it now.

I would probably play some cacophony/becker song but im not good enough at sweeping.

Oh and please no "play some blues" comments , theres gonna be a test on that too, i just need some nice shreddy songs (preferably neoclassical, or classical)

Thank in advance
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it dosen't get much more impressive than Cavatina by John Williams

what a beautiful song.

you can try playing some guthrie govan, its jazz fusioon but its pretty impressive
Paganini's 5th Caprice
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R.I.P Ean.

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