I'm trying to play Black sabbath - War pigs, and during the second solo (in the absolute beginning of it) there's a section like:


My problem is that the strings ring to long. I've tried by releasing each fretted finger which makes it sound reasonable but is that really the way?

A personal friend told me that I can also rest my hand on the "bridge"(??) just barely palm muting the strings. I couldn't get this to sound nice however.. Either too palm muted or too ringing.

Help appreciated..

you have to use a combination of your left hand and right hand the stop the ringing strings... there's no real proper technique, it just comes with experience
So the "release" I tried was in the right direction? What do you mean with combination? Or least what should I try to do with each hand. Not in a rush but I don't want bad habits.

BTW. I checked Live in paris 1970 and Tony doesn't seem to release any of his fingers until he reaches the last note in the looping section.
I'm noob, but releasing the fretted finger should be the correct, best way. I would not palm mute. However, mute the string with your thumb or another finger of your right hand or even the pick is another option I sometimes use.
well many factors must be included his equipment versuses yours the way you play it etc,,,try listening to faith no more's version on the real thing it is imo better than sabbaths
I've learned that song, and that part annoyed me a lot. Now I just try to use a combination of muting and releasing my fingers, also turning the gain down.
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I'm not the best at explaining how i do things, so bare with me.

I take my index finger of my fretting hand and barre it on the 7th fret. then use my ring finger to play on the 9th fret.

I sort of adjust the pressure on the 7th fret to play the higher notes by rolling my finger back so the part of my index finger closes to my palm pushes on the high 7th fret, and making so the rest of my finger mutes the rest of the strings.

Also, use your strum hand to mute out the rest of the strings when playing the 9th and high 7th fret. Takes a bit of practice, but keep at it. You'll get it.